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In order to visualize an idea for a set, a special prop, a set piece or even an animatronic or creature, we can incorporate the idea into drawings that show what something will look and what the atmosphere will be. This we can do for single props but can also be done in preproduction for a film. The drawings are made in close consultation and can help everyone involved in the project to get an idea of what things could look like.


What applies to concept design goes a step further with 3D visualization because with this technique you can ‘look around’ in the drawing; you can move in a set or around an object on your computer which visualizes the spacious aspect.Working out an idea this way can also save time and money because it enables you to find solutions to problems before something is physically built. An extra option with this technique is to 3D print the 3D drawing to get a spatial model.


With set and prop design, the main goal is to visualize something in a relatively simple way before something is built. This way, decisions can be made before major costs are made. It also gives anyone involved in a production an idea of what things are supposed to look like. Setting the style is also important to see that it fits in with the atmosphere of the film and fits with the ideas that a director and producer have in mind and to make this visual to others who also work on the project.