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With our professional rain kit we can make rain going from a big set to a little shower. We have two rain towers that reach to a height of 9 meters, which means that in many cases the use of an cherry picker is not necessary. We also have several smaller towers to enlarge the surface of the rain.

We can use our rain kit in the studio where we provide a shallow basin to catch the water.We can provide a truck with 8000 liters of water in case there is no water available on set.


We have different windmachines to make wind for different situations on set. Our electric wind machines are suitable for use in the studio and on location. The wind machine with gasoline engine is suitable for making wind on locations that are harder to access.

We also have an arsenal of air pressure guns to do effects from a small air movement to a large air pressure explosion. Our advanced firing systems allow air pressure guns to fire perfectly timed with pyrotechnic effects.


We are capable to make different sorts of mist and smoke, from a big scene in a misty forest to a smokey pub. We also with dry ice which gives a kind of smoke that stays close to the ground.


With the different kinds of artificial snow that we have at our disposal we do various snow effect. We can provide faling snow as well as lying snow where we are capable of covering wide surfaces.

We work with paper snow, cellulose snow, biodegradable snow and foam snow, depending on the situation and circomstances.The biodegradable snow works very well as falling snow and for close ups.


We are in possession of a license to do pyrotechnic effects for film. This goes from a bullet impact or body hit to a larger explosion.

To optimize an effect we use our experience in building with breakaway materials in combination with pyrotechnics.

We use an advanced remote firing system to perform pyrotechnic effects.


Anything from a small campfire to a burning church…we always find a way to make fire so that we get to the required result on set. We use systems on gas and depending on the effect we make our own fire paste. If the situation requires it, we work together with a certified firefighter who will assist us during the impact and can also make a risk analysis in advance.

With our remote controlled firing system we contol the timing of the setting off of the fire effect.


Our workshop is equipped to build very diverse mechanical effets in. Like constructions that need to be able to move in a certain way or that can support something and be able to make that move, like a gimble. These can be big constructions but we also do small and fine mechanical builds.

We also have a lot of experience with working with hydrolic and pneumatic systems.

We also make mechanical props and builds that contain electrical elements, like movement that is driven by small motors, lights that blink or where there is a working digital screen build into the prop.


We are equipped to do different flying effects in the studio with actors or extras. We also make harnesses with to build big costumes on or to build models on to be handled by a puppeteer.

We also make digilegs, a certain kind of stilts that are custom made and allow a trained person to walk around on without


The last few year we dedicated ourselves to making breakaway glass. In addition to bottles we also make other props in breakaway like dishes or a padlock, props that are supposed to break on cue. The standard bottles we make are on this website under rental/sales.

On demand we can make other props in breakaway, you can contact us for a quote.