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Miniatures are usually used in film productions to obtain an effect that is either too expensive or not possible to film in full size. Like a building exploding or a big bridge collapsing.  Producers and directors don’t always think of using miniatures but instead think of using vfx. But in many cases it can still be interesting for a production to combine miniatures with vfx. Not only can the effect be shot on set or in the studio to get an immediately result, it can also deliver something unexpected which would not happen with vfx alone because it is a live action.

We have considerable experience in making miniatures and performing the effects, which means that we can do the entire process, from concept drawings to the effect on the set.


We have been working on special props for years. Because of our experience and broad knowledge of materials, we are able to make a variaty of different props. From very small and detailed, where we can use our 3D printers, to large mechanical constructions. We can also incorporate electronic elements in the props, for example a built-in monitor that is working or something in or on the object that needs to move.

In making props we do everything from working out the idea, making technical drawings to decorating and finishing. If required we operate mechanical constructions on the set or do other kinds of effects with the props.


In making stuntprops the challenge is to make it look as realistic as possible (or as close to the original as possible) and to make sure that the prop does what it is supose to do; be soft, break or not break, bend or stay rigid, fall apart…we find a sollution to make sure that the action that the stunt prop is being used for can be executed the way it is required.


The last few year we dedicated ourselves to making breakaway glass. In addition to bottles we also make other props in breakaway like dishes or a padlock, props that are supposed to break on cue. The standard bottles we make are on this website under rental/sales.

On demand we can make other props in breakaway, you can contact us for a quote.


In addition to special props, we also create larger objects with an emphasis on the constructon. We always make technical drawings first in order to collect the information we need for creating the object. Building and finishing is done in our workshop where we have all the machinery and equipment that we need at our disposal. If required, we also make concept drawings to visualize the idea for the object.


For making props and parts for the realization of special effects, we often use our 3D printer. We can print in different materials which allowes us to select the most suitable material for the desired result, for example a stronger material for small parts or a more flexible or transparent material for small props or objects such as the wasp.

We also use the 3D printer to print props or small models of set pieces in order to be able to visualize what it will ultimately look like when it is built. To have a 3D model in a small size also gives a lot of information about the final object in full size.

We can also print small objects 3D on request, for which you can contact us.